Bobcat 331 Travel Drive Damage

Bobcat Mini-Excavator Motor Damage Video

A pair of final drives off a Bobcat 331 mini-excavator are the topic of this informative video.  The customer reported that both of the final drives were free-spinning and the mini-excavator simply wouldn’t move.

Travis disassembled the drives as soon as they arrived, and discovered the cause: rotator group failure.  Both drives experienced this problem because the hydraulics had not been properly maintained.

The key to preventing such costly repairs to your travel drive motor is both simple and inexpensive:

  1. Change out the hydraulic fluid according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  2. Check the case drain filter regularly.


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Final Drive Problem?

Your final drive has a problem, and work has come to a grinding halt.  You have deadlines that won’t go away, employees that can’t work without their equipment, and clients that want everything done yesterday.

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