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High Quality Equals Comer Gearboxes

We sell the high quality Comer Gearbox in our shop for 1 main reason…they are the best in the industry. We sell the best because we have inspected just about all other brands of gear box motors and just can’t put our name and support on most of them.

If you use your equipment in business to make money, you want the best there is. Comer Gearboxes are of the highest quality but their prices are in line with most others. We trust them, we sell them and we service and warranty them. Rarely…rarely do we have any warranty issues with them, they are THAT good.

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Final Drive Problem?

Your final drive has a problem, and work has come to a grinding halt.  You have deadlines that won’t go away, employees that can’t work without their equipment, and clients that want everything done yesterday.

What do you do?


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