October 8, 2013
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Hi there, first off thanks for coming to our site. We pride ourselves on fast and friendly service…and super affordable prices on final drive motors and parts.

Recently we had a large number of our current customers ask us if we sold skid steer tracks, OTT (over the tire) tracks in particular. So we took notice!

We spent a great deal of time listening to our customers, and talking to skid steer track dealers and manufacturers to find the best track we could sell that was still affordable and dependable.

Well, we found it. Tracks Plus offers what we feel is the best replacement or OTT skid steer track on the market. We now sell them, and want to sell you a pair too.

Watch this short video from Tracks Plus, then pick up the phone and let’s get you the best price we can do and get you making money with your machine.

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12 Comments on "Skid Steer Tracks – The Best"

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  1. Peter G. says:

    If you are considering buying these tracks, do it they rock. They are super gentle on asphalt and concrete but just plow right through muddy conditions. These guys will beat tracksplus parts prices.

    • The Final Drive Guy says:

      You are correct Peter, probably the toughest OTT tracks on the market, but won’t tear up a driveway or street. WE WILL BEAT TRACKS PLUS PRICE!!!

  2. Larry P. says:

    I love these tracks too. easy to install, light weight and very affordable. No job is too muddy anymore.

  3. Mike H. says:

    Hey guys, can you give me an approximate shipping cost to send a pair of these tracks to Los Angeles California? They seem like they will really help my pool construction business on our rainy days.

    • The Final Drive Guy says:

      Hey Mike, thanks for your interest in our new skid steer tracks product line. Approximate ground shipping cost is about $100-$140 and usually gets to your door in about 3 days. Ready to order, give us a call and let us handle everything for you. Your right, these tracks can definitely help your pool business on rainy/muddy conditions.

  4. James R. says:

    I have been looking at these tracks and watched your video and am very interested in them. The video shows them working in mud, so I am assuming that is what they do best and not really made for snow? I am in Texas as you guys, so not much need for snow, but mud…yes.

    • The Final Drive Guy says:

      Hi James, give us a call and we can talk about the many features with these tracks and our daily specials. These tracks are really made for muddy conditions, not snow so much so you are in the right place.

      Looking forward to talking with you. We just started selling this line and we are very excited about them.

  5. Hans E. says:

    Ive used these tracks in the past and they really do hold up well in muddy and watery conditions where you would normally just shut the machine down and call it a day. They work great! Glad to see you are offering them now.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your comment Hans, yes they are superior tracks for sure. Give us a call, we can set you up today!

  6. Cleveland B. says:

    I want a pair of these for Christmas!

    • admin says:

      hahaha, well its almost Christmas now Cleveland so give us a shout. They are very affordable tracks and we will not be beat.