December 10, 2013
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final drives for excavatorsIf you have not hear of us before now…you will.

We are taking the final drive motor industry by storm, and our competition is starting to really feel our bite.

  1. We offer an industry first 2 YEAR warranty on new final drive motors for excavators.
  2. We offer an industry first 1 year warranty on rebuilt final drive motors
  3. We rebuild customer drive motors in house, with super fast turn around times
  4. We have an expert sales and support team ready to help you ASAP
  5. We have extremely low employee turn over so you get the same friendly people on the phone
  6. Our prices are SUPER cheap, but if you think you found a better deal we’ll try and beat it
  7. We ship UPS to your door…super fast and component friendly secured packaging

We can offer our customers a 2 year warranty because of ONE thing – QUALITY

Call us today and get a free no obligation quote on final drives for excavators!


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