January 24, 2014
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Bobcat 435 Final Drive motorIf you own a Bobcat 435 or 430 and need a new or rebuilt final drive (or travel drive) motor then you came to the right place. We are the leaders in rebuilding Bobcat final drive motors and we love to work on the 435.

If you would rather buy a new motor then you are still in luck, our SUPER low prices and industry first 2 YEAR warranty is just the thing.

Now, before you assume…”well this must be a cheap drive from China”, no you would be very wrong. We ONLY sell top quality drives and components we trust and have tested for years and that is why we can give our customers a 2 year unlimited drive hour warranty that is as rock solid as the drive we sell.

  • OEM replacement
  • Our drives come with a 2 year automatically applied warranty (dealer is usually 6 months)
  • Our drives are the highest quality you can buy
  • Our drives are in stock ready to ship via UPS (2-3 days to your door step)

SO WHY, WHY would you buy your Bobcat 435 or 430  final drive motor from anyone but us?  Got questions, we got answers so call us now.


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