Bobcat T190 Travel Motor -T190 – T180 – T140

Industry Leaders Rebuilding Bobcat Travel Drive Motors

We are the industry leaders in rebuilding Bobcat T190 T180 T140 travel drive motors, so why not let us rebuild your old drives?


Rebuilt Bobcat T190 T180 T140 Final Drive Motors Video


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Limited time special offer going on now, so take advantage of your downtime and send in BOTH drives for repair.

  1. Send both your “good” and your “bad” drive to us for repair  (we will pay all in and out shipping, call to schedule pickup)
  2. Your ‘bad” drive repair will not exceed $1,999
  3. Your “good” working drive will receive new bearings, lapping of internal hydraulic motor surfaces and a complete seal kit for $1,200
  4. Both drives will be thoroughly inspected, bench tested for quality and painted.

Maximum total cost to you for BOTH drives is $3,200 That’s $1,600 per drive!!!!

To receive this offer you need to send both drives at the same time, shipped UPS on our account….it’s easy, we will do it.

You also receive a 1 year warranty, no body else can offer you this deal….and it IS a deal.

Just want to buy 1 re-manufactured motor from our inventory?  No problem, call for the latest pricing offers.

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Common Problem with Bobcat T190 Final Drive Motor Video

This is a short video where Heath is talking about a common problem with the Bobcat T190 final drive motor diagnosis. Check the case drain filter hydraulic fluid flow. There should just be a small drip, or very small flow of fluid coming from the line from the case drain.

If you have a large flow, or a flow with pressure on it you got a problem internally worn on the inside of the final drive.

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Final Drive Parts Youtube Videos