Excavator Travel Motor Face Seal Damage


Regular Maintenance Suggestions for Excavator Final Drives

In this informative video, Travis shows what can happen when final drives don’t receive the regular maintenance they need.  In this case, debris (like mud, leaves, dirt, sand, etc.) had become so packed around the final drive on an excavator that the face seal was severely damaged.  The result was leaking gear oil and a final drive full of debris.  Over time, this destroyed the final drive.

The simple act of regularly using a pressure washer to clear out that packed dirt, mud, sand, and debris can save thousands of dollars in repairs.  Once again, taking the time and effort to perform regular maintenance can make a huge difference in the life and performance of your final drive.

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Final Drive Problem?

Your final drive has a problem, and work has come to a grinding halt.  You have deadlines that won’t go away, employees that can’t work without their equipment, and clients that want everything done yesterday.

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