KYB Final Drive Motor

Hydraulic Test of KYB MAG-18V-230 F-1 Final Drive

A Kayaba (KYB) final drive motor is the subject of this video, where Travis has a KYB MAG-18V-230 F-1 final drive on the hydraulic test bench.  The drive is showing a high level of pressure than it should, so Travis takes of the case drain line.  Hydraulic fluid begins to pour out of the case drain line at a much higher flow rate than is expected.  It should be just a slight trickle or even a drip.  Any time there is such a high flow from the case drain line then you know something is wrong.

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Final Drive Problem?

Your final drive has a problem, and work has come to a grinding halt.  You have deadlines that won’t go away, employees that can’t work without their equipment, and clients that want everything done yesterday.

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